Review Its Judy Time Palette

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Who didn't know Judy from itsjudytime or itsjudylif at Youtube? She's my favorite beauty guru. I'm subscribe to her vlog and beauty channel.. *love Juliana bear and twinsies Miya Keira. She has collaborated with BH Cosmetics to make a palette that represent her favorite colors. So this palette called it's "JUDY" time eyeshadow palette. I love the color choices and the texture. Their packaging comes without the box. It's just come with plastic wrap to secure the palette and make sure it's brand new. Let's take a look my simple review to it's Judy time Palette.

Favorite quote

This palette was from BH company, it's value for $17, but in my country this palette sell from 300.000 - 400.000 IDK. I do used this Judy palette for few times. This is my review about this palette:
  • Colors: Range from natural and several bold color in blue tone.
  • Contain: 5 matte colors and 7 satin colors.
  • Pigment: Satin Shadow -> not to shimmerry, matte-> beautiful built color. All of them not to pigmented but buildable
  • Texture: Clean Finish and not to much fall out 
  • Apply:
    • + Can play them with variant color with neutral or bold color
    • + Can buildable from daily till smokey look
    • -  Not to much for staying power
    • - Must use primer
  • Packaging:
    • + light weight, thin, travel friendly 
    • - No brush included and the matte packaging easily to get dirty
  • Overall: Recommended, If you guys search for basic palette with reasonable price
 Real Product :
*with out using primer

with flash

without flash




  1. Sayang ya ga dpt brush . Tp packagingnya kurang huhuhu IMO

  2. aaaa.. ngiler palettenyaa,, tapi harganya mehong banget.. tiap hari nontonin julianna bear, miya keira sambil mupeng liat cakepnya mata judy pake eyeshadow ini.. Nice review kak!

  3. @Catherine Widjaja iyaa, packaging nya g bisa seimut ala korea2 ya ^^

  4. @FRmakeup hmm.. utk $17 msk kesini jd 300rb termasuk murah loo ^^
    iya niii... cakep bgt warnanya
    thank you dear ;) *big hug

  5. penasaran banget ama palette ini! soalnya warna matte nya lumayab banyak juga.. nice review ya!

  6. Pengen banget sama palette satu ini sejak rilis, tp shipping nya mahal banget, lebih mahal dari barang nya T_T

  7. @Lily Zhen iya say ^^ aku malah ad ready 2 pcs mau aku jual 300rban