Review: Ettoinette Princess II Crystal Shine Lips from Etude House

 Hi beautiful,  

Guess what? Yeap Etude makeup again.. Who can resist to buy Etude product if they packaging so adorable?
Last year when Ettoinette series come first.. I ended buy their brush, and 1 lipstick. I'm so in love with Ettoinette lipstick. Their texture so creamy and smooth. So this year when they release Ettoinette II, I decided to bought three color from them. My friend FIllia help me to get this lipstick when Etude in korea have a big sale. *Thank you fil... You must try the nude one. I'm Loving it.. 
  • Colors: They have 3 color choices, PPK005, PBE102, PRD302. All of them have crazy glitter when you first look at it.. I'm not afraid with glitter but if it to much it will be crazy enough to wear. But when you apply in your lips, the glitter not showing up to much like I thought. It's finish beautifully with glossy effect.
  • Texture: Creamy and smooth
  • Apply:
    • + Its so moisturizing, love it...
    • + Buildable, you can layer on and the color will came out more BOLD and Intense when you layer it.
    • + Have great choice color. 2 bold and 1 neutral nude
    •  - Doesn't have that much of Staying Power. The pink one more intense glitter than other
  • Packaging:
    • + so romantic feeling, happy when just look at them in your vanity
    • - easily to get dirty
  • Overall: Recommended, with a reasonable price. We're not sure this Ettoinette II are available in Etude's Indonesia Counter coz last year Ettoinette didn't available here . We bought it online and there still selling until now. Grab it fast, before it's ended. 
  •  Real Product :

Girls, be the princess!

Ugh, Im so ugly >"<
*after effect slept over 2AM

Please comment down below which one you like?
PInk, Nude, Red




  1. ak suka yang nudee, keliatan natural <3

  2. packagingnya ga tahannnn.. princessy bangetttt xD


  3. packagingnyaaa *u*
    suka yg pink (plg kiri) lucu warnanya :D

  4. @Mitchellina Metta packagingnya Etude emg slalu juara >< hehehehhe