Review: Maybelline COLORSHOW Crayon Khol Eyeliner

Hi Beautiful,
Actually I want to share my HAUL first, that's include my Maybelline Haul.I don't want to be late to share the deal with you. Yeap, at Surabaya especially Maybelline in Ciputra World "Metro" Department Store gave a great deal. I got so many eyeliner right. But each them just IDR 30.000 and I get discount because bought 3 product or more. 
Let me explain first about this DEAL, *hope you can get this DEAL too. If you shop in Maybelline Counter in Metro DS. They have discount deal,buy 2 product get 20% discount, Buy 3 product get 30% discount. I already check this product in diferent Departmen Store. But not as great as "METRO" deal. From 30.000 IDR, I just pay 21.000 IDR each. How cheap?!! So lets see the review.. 
  • Colors: Have 7 color choice but I just get 6 color. Cacao Brown, Deep Black, Light Peacock Green, Noble Purple, Gold, Blue, and one I not get it is the orange one.
  • Contain: Black and Brown Matte finish, the rest have Satin and Gliterry Finish
  • Pigment: Black, Brown, Purple, and Gold pigmented but the rest you must build them.
  • Texture: Creamy 
  • Apply:
    • + It's nice to have variant color from Eyeliner
    • + Able to create variation of eye look 
    • + Have a great staying power. Absolutely smudge proof and water proof
    •  -  Didn't have a name color after you put out the plastic. 
  • Packaging:
    • + light weight, thin, travel friendly 
  • Favorite Color: Black, Brown, Purple, Gold
  • Overall: Recommended, so cheap and have a great quality. 
 Real Product :

*psst, I hear that Maybelline will launch new Color Tatto again and their Nail Polish, Im so excited and can't wait

Thank for reading and Hope it's helpful. :D 


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  1. warnanya bagus yaaa. *kekep dompet*

  2. Wah kelaitannya lumayan ok yah, penasaran banget jadinya.
    thanks for sharing!

  3. Kemarin jg sempet swatch and in love immediately with the gold one! :D pigmented banget yaa :D Sayang yg tosca ga keluar, pas ak coba jg sm tipis2 gt munculnya :/

    Maybelline CiWo emg hobi 'ngerampok' dgn diskon >.<

  4. waa kathy kamu beli banyak banget, aku jadi pengen beli juga XD


  5. @Nella P dompetnya jgn dsembunyiin xp hihihihi

  6. @Chell sanjaya your welcome ^^

  7. @Nindya Retnasatiti iya nii :( cmn tetep cakep warnanya ><

  8. @Bella iya ni bell... kapan lg dpt eyeliner cmn 21rb ^^d hihihihi

  9. Aaaaaa pengen cobainnn. Penasaran deh. Sama silkygirl bagusan mana ya kira2? Tahu gak? :D
    Harganya hampir sama soalnya, jd bingung mau yg mana haha
    Nice poison hahhaa

  10. @Kornelia Luciana blm pernah coba yang silkygirl say ^^ nanti kalau sempat aku coba liat ya ^^