Grand Opening Et Cetera at Tunjungan PLaza

Hi beautiful,
A few days back, I read Ci Bebe's blog post about et cetera. It's inform about the Grand Opening of Et Cetera end boutique on Tunjungan Plaza 3 2nd floor (in front of Excelso Cafe) on March 28th. I'm so excited and interest to come. So I contact ci Bebe for invitation. So here I am at the Grand Opening.
I just want to share with you my first experience about Clothing Store Grand Opening  and how cool is that. I'm so happy that I can join the Opening. Thank you ci Bebe.. ^^

When I arrived, first I see is Beautiful Models * I'm feel small compare to them

DJ, Mc, and etc *ups why they're busy with their phone kekekkeke


The Collections

hmmph, I want it ><


Ci Yosephin and Ci Bebe 

Hmph.. Im look like a giant x(

Guest must wear dress code was Resort & Modern Romantic.
I choose Orange Neon Maxi Dress and touch down for romantic look from my Vintage Black Lace Necklaces

Lips - NYX Butter Lipstick Mary Jane

Bunch of Goodie Bag

Thank for reading :D


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  1. kak kaatt, cara dapet invitation grand opening gitu gimanaa? kok asik :D oya kak aku jd pesen ya kak lipgloss nyaa

  2. @Nedita Farah Nastiti aku dpt invitation dr Bebe blogger jg ned ^^