Haul: Clio and Peripera Crazy Haul

Hi beautiful,

I'm back again with another Haul.. but this time I'm got very interesting deal.
Clio and Peripera have a great deal *the promotion is on 'till now but not much choices left.
I'm get too excited after see their website. And no online shop will getting this deal for pre order system..

So, I'm really thank you to my friend Estella, she got the deal for me
If you searching for Korean Cosmetic, She can help to purchase it for you. Take a look for her blog and Say Hi from Katy -Daily Beauty 89
*psstt I want to shop again this month, anybody want to join me? So we can share the shipping fee

Ok, lets take a look what I got from Clio and Peripera.. I'm super happy after getting my package >"<

"Clio top of Clio set" 
around 39000won / I paid US 40$
- Cute Yellow Pouch
- Lipnicure *you can choose color
- Kill black Eyeliner set with mini mascara
- Hydra Glow Base
- Kill Cover Foundation in Highest Wear
- All kill make up remover

"Peripera Finish makeup Set"
around 31500won / I paid US32.5$
- Miss Peri Kit
- Nail polish *you can choose color
- My Skin pact with refill
- Single Shadow

Amazing deal right? ^^
I'm happyyyyyy.........
The cost was in total with shipping fee (24$) = 100$++, but I'm still have 5 lipstick, and Kill black set which Tata and Sabrina joining me to share the shipping fee.

That's it, hope this post will be helpful for you. Enjoy your shopping!

Good night



  1. clio >.<
    boleh request ga ..
    review clio kill covernya ya :)
    makasih ..

  2. Eehhh mau shopping lg.. ituuuttttt wkwkwkkw.. korean makeup always sucksmein.. gyaaaaa..

  3. Waaah ikutan shoppingny estella yaa..aku juga nih dr kemren pengen ikutan..tp ya itu shipping fee nya just like ohmy good asdfggkjll mahal bener jd walaupun lg diskon harganya ttep aja sama kayak beli di olshop hehheeh...kapan lagi mau nitip estella?join dong mau mauuu...pssst apa aja nih yg lg disc di korea :) ?

  4. Thank you dear, the post is beautiful!!! I hope you can also share how you used these products. It would be nice to see you try them out, you always have a good taste :D

  5. @Tata nedz eh mau ikutan lg xp hihihihihi iya ta... gak bakal bisa nolak korea

  6. @Nisabitah Stories boleh.. email aj ke empuqz@gmail.com.. ^^ ntar barengan psennya
    clio msh ad event, the face shop ad buy 1 get 1, nature republic lg diskon jg *kalaapppp :p

  7. @Estella Roy coming soon dear.. Im already fallin in love one by one >< especially lipnicure CLIo

  8. CLIO KILL COVERRRR reviewnyaa ce hahahahahha <33

  9. @FILIA P pasti fill ^^ in lg dcoba buat tw pasti hasilnya

  10. wahhh mau ikutan dounk kak belanja di estella nya,, biar bisa bagi2 shipping soalnya ongkirnya muahal hehehe ,,,