Review: Maybelline Color Tattoo part1

Hi, beautiful
COLOR TATTOO... Who doesn't know about COLOR TATTOO?
Every Vlogger and Blogger discuss about how amazing Color tatto from Maybelline. After a year, still no news about Color Tattoo will ready in Indonesia. But last year, finally Maybelline hear us.. Color Tattoo is HERE. So, lets take a look How I play with COLOR TATTOO.. 

  • Colors: For now available 5 color *next month will have a new color again. Tough as Taupe, Bad to Bronze, Bold Gold, Purple, Tenacious Teal. I have 4 of them except purple one cause I already have the Fierce & tangy from Tata. 
  • Contain: 4 shimmer and 1 matte 
  • Pigment: Pigmented enough for base. As you can see I can use it alone without eyeshadow. 
  • Texture: Creamy and some of them little bit dry
  • Favorite Color : Bad to Bronze
  • Apply:
    • + Can use it for Base Shadow or leave it alone
    • + Long Lasting and Waterproof
    • -  Some of them dry and crease
  • Packaging:
    • + heavy pot
    • - none
  • Overall: Recommended, they have beautiful color range and reasonable price (around 5$)
 Real Product :

Play with Fierce & Tangy.. 
Outer Eyeshadow from Urban Decay Vice Pallete

My Favorite daily look
with Bad to Bronze

Play with Tenacious Teal and Bold Gold in the center


Tough as Taupe

kekkekeke... you can play around with your favorite color
Have fun and Good Luck




  1. Haii .. bad to bronze nya cakep yah ..
    Jd pgn cobain hehe ..

  2. Waaaaa.... been trying to find the bronze and the taupe. Tapi susah banget. Huhuhhuhu... Dimana-mana udah nggak ada rasanya...

    Main-main ke blog aku ya. Baru posting soal The Roaring 20's, era dimulainya makeup. :)


  3. @Widya Moonz yeap.. ^^ my fav color..

  4. @Miss Plum - Ninneta oh ya? d surabaya ada dmn2 soalnya ^^ ad kabar bakalan discontinue setelah warna baru msk looo

  5. Foto terakhir lucuu..hihihi..aku udah naksir ini lama banget >_< cuman belom kesampean wkwkwk..nice review ;)

  6. @Putri Indah Marina your welcome dear ^^

  7. warnanya cakep cakepp. paling suka EOTD yang pake fierce & tangy :)
    nice review Katherin! thanks for sharing. I'm following you now :)

    Lova // clovers and carousel blog

  8. Whattttt....

    masa aku musti ke surabaya nyarinyaaaa... *nangisbombay*

  9. aku suka banget ama produk ini soalnya tahan lama n warnanya lucu2. tapi sekalinya udah set di kelopak mata, susah banget buat di blend. :/