Girl's Generation - Mr.Mr Inspired Makeup Collaboration!

Hi Beautiful,
This is my first time doing collaboration with my fellow pretty bloggers.
Have you watched or listened to SNSD a.k.a Girl's Generation new song Mr.Mr?
Actually , My first impression to the MV was a bit creepy, with hospital background and absurd man model.
But quite addictive.. *but I'm a blackjack and still love 2NE1 *wohooo *comeback homeee~~~

Girl's Generation (SNSD) - Mr. Mr

I took part as SeoHyun.
When Sasya unni asked me to Join this collaboration, She give me SeoHyun's part.
I'm so Happy, cus I love SeoHyun since WGW with YoungHwa

I've observed her makeup and not like the other Member, SeoHyun make up quite difficult to search.
Others member have 2-3 different concept of make up look.
But Seohyun only have 1 concept.
So, I'm Hoping not doing terrible job to cover SeoHyun Make up.
I'm still learning about make up and practice make perfect, right?

Point from Seohyun's Make up is:
1. Flat and full Eyebrow
2. Bronze Eyeshadow with a lot of contour and shading on the socket, blending not to outwards.
3. Gel eyeliner was suitable for this look, since it's need opaqe black lines and no need to do cat flick. Just follow your natural eye line and bring it outward then our normal eyeline. Don't do the sharp edges for this eyelook. 
4. Bold Red Lips, I used Etude Mini series in Red and Rimmel Big Bang on top.

Ok, actually I'm kinda scared and stiff to pose like SeoHyun.
Let's do my Normal Pose (kathy pose) ^^

That's Wrap. So, I'm hope this first collaboration was not disappointing our viewer.
Comment below to share your thought about my SeoHyun cover look. So, I can know make up & you'll better!

 Bloggers who participated 
Jessica - Xiao Vee a.k.a Shelvi

Hyoyeon - Luna a.ka 신은비

Seohyun - Katherin Laksmana

Sooyoung - Bella

Taeyeon - Nita



  1. make up nya mirip banget, ce. lipstik merahnya oke banget!

    following you ^^

  2. @Yuni Usmanda Thank you dear ♥♥
    love u

  3. Cantik ciii♡
    Btw ternyata kta belum follow2an :p
    Followback GFC yah^^ thankyou♡

  4. Saw your makeup through the collaboration.
    Don't you have a bloglovin so I can follow you?

    Sample Hime

  5. cantikkk! suka warna lipstick nya