Haul: Canmake Goodie Bag 2014

Hi Beautiful,

Its march already, really thank you to whom already joined our GFC!
Early 2014, I have my friends Tata who keep telling me about Japan Cosmetic product. I never try Japan Cosmetic product. The first time I tried Japanese Cosmetic was because of Tata give me Xmas present.. And now she back with information about Canmake Goodie Bag. I forgot about the price.. it's around200.000 IDR. You can get 4 item.How I can't get crazy? .. After that with Tata helped, I ordered my Canmake Goodie Bag.

I receive 4 items, there're 5 items because Tata give me one from her Goodie Bag. Its blusher, because it's to shimmery for her and I love Shimmer.

First it's Mascara Remover, for first impression the smell was a little bit stink.

Canmake Eyeliner, it's so tiny... I got in brown.. Not to impress with this eyeliner.

Hmm, I dont know about this one. But I guess it's a lip gloss. I can read the description because all of them in Japanesse language.

Canmake Eyeshadow Pallete, I really love this one. Really love the color.. I relieve that I not get the strange color like green or blue.

And this one that Tata give it to me ^^

Can you see the sparkle?

Please comment down below if you want to review about product from canmake.
And this is my selfie when I try the canmake product. Escuse my crazy absurd selfie

Good night



  1. Oh very cute haul and locelies products!
    comment to me back to keep in touch!


  2. @Sakuranko thank you dear ^^
    okey, keep in touch yeahh ;) *bighug