Haul: Bobbi Brown Eye Brightener & Gel Eyeliner

Hi Beautiful,

It's been a long time, since my last haul. I haven't done my in depth review to my previous haul. Sorry >.< . I'm so busy lately.
Few weeks ago, Metro department store at my City, just launch Bobbi Brown make up counter. So, they have a little promotion that last for the day when I go to that mall. It's kinda bargain, that it's discounted around 15%. So, I bought 2 items.

I saw few make up tutorial that using gel eyeliner and my old gel eyeliner from lioele was dried up. I can't used it anymore. So, it's time for me to tried out new black eyeliner. A lot of people comparing MAC gel eyeliner black track with Bobbi Brown Gel eyeliner in black Ink. I never tried MAC gel eyeliner, though. But, I think it's really similar in texture and opacity

 So far, I could say that the texture of this gel eyeliner was smooth like butter. The black was opaque and easy to applied. But, I still need time for in depth review about the lasting power and smudge proof of this gel eyeliner. I'm also thinking to make tutorial using gel eyeliner. Give me some times guys :), don't want to disappoint you with not fully tested product. 

My Second item from Bobbi Brown was the Tinted Eye Brightener in no.7 Light to med Peach. Actually, a lot of people loving the cream concealer. But, since I still have my cream concealer. I attracted to tried this tinted eye brightener. The consistency was light and had a creamy light texture. Not to watery, but it's not cakey on your under eye area and side of the nose. It's really easy to blend and cover redness quite good. In my opinion, it's not the most high coverage concealer, hence the name was brightener. It's really good to brightened up your under eye and it's set with satin effect. Like I mention before, my in depth review of the lasting power and smudge proof of this brightener also will be my next post. Give me time to test out this product and will give you guys the info soon. 

In Conclusion, I'm loving my mini purchased at Bobbi Brown Counter. I love the texture of both product and the result when I'm applied it. I think the product was worth the prices. I know it's kinda pricy, but with the outcome of the product. I thought it's really well made.

Hope it's helpful and informative. If you guys have any question or request, just comment down bellow! Thank you for reading! :D 

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  1. ngilerr sama gel eyelinernyaaa >___<

  2. @Xiao Vee aku jg ngiler shel.. >"< dtgg review nya ya ^^