FOTD: Chic-ism

Hi beautiful, 
Do you have formal or wedding attending lately
Maybe this look will help you about what you want to wear
As you know
Im big fans of black and white
I adore BnW so much
And this time Im play with simple white blouse in black collar
And for more "WOW" look 
I use Highlow skirt in black
Cause I dont want too formal. I use statement necklaces for tonedown the formalities 

Top - Marroon Boutique
Bottom - Egdyrocha
Bag - Dorothy 
Necklaces, Hairbow, Shoes - ASU jewelry

This is my make up routine lately
I always use this Wannabe Long wear shadow from Tata
Laaaaaaavviitttt so much ta ^^

So, hope this post will give you have fun and idea for what you wear 
Please comment down below 
I will read it one by one

See you in next post




  1. It's been a while since your last post ce! :D I really like your skirt!! And as the title suggest you look so chic <3

  2. beautiful! :D

  3. @FILIA P thank you filia.. yeap so busy lately. even hard to breath TT
    Im glad can come back blogging ^^