Dear Readers,

We Introducing our new blog, called Daily Beauty 89. 
  • Who are we?
    •  We're two best friends that have addiction to make up, skincare,beauty and lifestyle. 
  • Where are we? 
    • We based in East Java, Indonesia. 
  • When we love beauty?
    •  It's started few years back, around 2-3 years.
  • Why we doing this (blogging)? 
    • We don't have any beauty lesson or certificate. We learn and love make up via youtube & blog. To be honest,we're far away to be called a guru or expert in beauty. We're still learning new thing everyday. We're making this blog to share and help other girls. We want to share our honest opinion and hope that will help you girls out there. Few disclaimer, Our stuff was accumulated from years. We don't bought it one shot. So, we're hope we won't be judge as bragging to you guys.
  • What will we delivered in Our blog?
    • We will do product review, swatches, product pro's and con's. It's all based on our honest opinions.
Thank you for your time to read our blog. Hope to read your comment soon! 

 Daily Beauty 89