Review: Lorac Pro Palette

Hi Beautiful,

First haul in January 2014: Lorac Pro Palette. I got this in Rockin red hot pro set. It comes with lorac pro palette, front of the line pro liquid eyeliner, and mini behind the scene eye primer. 
This set was a bargain, because it's value for $133, but with ulta exclusive it's just $39. I do used this Lorac palette for few times. This is my review about this palette:
  • Colors: Range from nude, brown,black and gunmetal.
  • Contain: 8 matte colors and 8 glitter colors.
  • Pigment: Glitter Shadow -> very pigmented, Matte shadow-> less pigmented
  • Texture: Creamy 
  • Apply:
    • + It's nice to have matte color for neutral eye look. 
    • + Able to create variation of eye look from neutral  to smokey.
    • + Have a great staying power.
    •  -  Quite tricky to blend the matte and glitter shadow together. 
  • Packaging:
    • + light weight, thin, travel friendly 
    • - No brush included and the matte packaging easily to get dirty.
  • Favorite Color: Espresso, Sable, Garnet, Pewter, Nude 
  • Overall: Recommended, If you guys can have a hands on the set its better. The eyeliner was great additional. 
 Real Product :

Thank for reading and Hope it's helpful. :D 


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  1. only $39???? O____O ME WANTTTT T____T

    1. iya only 39$ vee.. ><
      wkt itu kita beli black friday/holiday set edition
      exclusive at ulta