Review: Maybelline Vivid Color Sensational

 Hi beautiful,  

Okey, how we start? Maybe you know from youtubers already. Maybelline VIVID Color Sensational. Its so Famous last year. every beauty guru rave about it. Actually I have it last year too. When dollar still 10.000 >"< but Im plan to sell it not for my self. And this month, I dont have any confidence to keep it more. I opened when my birthday. Im already NO BUY mood at may and june. so just keep it mind. This lipstick for my birthday present. FROM me FOR me. I have 4 color total. 2 color that I love so much already opened last year and I open 2 more.
  • Colors: They have 10 color choices, I got 4 color from 10. 865 Fushia Flash, 870 Shocking Coral, 875 Vivid Rose, 895 On Fire Red. 
  • Texture: Creamy, Smooth, and Glossy Finish
  • Apply:
    • + No scent at all
    • + Moisturising and Glide on easily
    • + Have a stain power for Dark Color
    • + so PIGMENTED
    •  - Nothing
  • Packaging:
    • + Looks like another Maybelline Lipstick 
    • - Cant tell the color from the packaging
  • Overall: For me, I do love this lipstick so much. Their color range so beautiful. I do want all of them if I can. But they not Ready in Indonesia except you buy from online store. Price 7.5$ (around 150.000 IDR)
  •  Real Product :

Shocking Coral
with hint of neon color. So perfect for Summer Time

Fushia Flash
Dupe from Candy Yum yum MAC
Barbie Pink color

On Fire Red
As you can see Im still with my Long Hair  cos I take it last year
Love this color so much
Beautiful Blue Tone Red

Vivid Rose
My Favorite Pink color ever
Make my skin tone more bright

So, which one suit me the best GIRLS?




  1. I always see this but I haven't tried one yet. The color pay-off is really nice!! All the colors you picked suits you :)

  2. The color is very pigmented! Maybelline is just one of my fave drugstore brand. Most of their products are satisfying!