OOTD not MA ages

 Hi beautiful,
Confused coz what happen with the TITLE?
Not ma age
I will be 25 years old tomorrow
But I like play with Cute style
Did you ever hear this
When you was a child, you want grow fast
But when you more older, you want back a time

And same with me
I'm happy that I more mature now but sometimes I miss my OLD time
when before Im graduate, before working, and before have soooo much wrinkle in ma FACE >"<

I has plan with ma ex boyfriend and my only one SOULMATE at 1914
One of the famous restourant lately in Surabaya
Beautiful place and of course I do take a several photos

Lately I do love use Dungaree..
Im play my strip dark navy blue dungaree
with yellow top in big bow in it
still not enough
I'm add with my black hat and high socks
*love high socks so much now.. hope I have slimmiiee legs

Hat and Socks Grosir Fashion Online
Top Atom Beautique
Strip Dungaree Shierly Ma Collection
Shoes WithSu

Selfie with FLower 

Ready to FOODPORN!!!
I didnt even know what their name
Just describe a what I know
First appetizer
Squid Fried with some some green Vege

Second - a very little chic chic fried with spicy oriental sauce

I can explain simply in third food
Mushroom soup

Terderloin Steak with strange sauce and cooked it Medium
*I have so MUUUUCHH pain in the asss after eating this
Never use it to eat Medium 

And the last
Tiramisu cake 

Thats US when We meet OUR photocorner's Properties

The photografer's

Hope you like your Monday
See you soon