My DAILY sweet moments

Hi beautiful,
This post not just fashion or make up like usual
I want to share with you about Surabaya kuliner
Surabaya, maybe for you just a little city
But now Surabaya grow up step by step
So many beautiful place that you have to go and try
Daily Sweet
Recomended by my partner in CRIME feli
Finally I got it why she recomended this place

With DailySweet vintage interior
Make me so confy in there
lets take a look

hmpph, just ignore my tired face
I went there at 9.00 PM after work all day

me and my Man photographer just ordered 1 cause we just want a try and we already eat
But seriusly, this waffle freaking delicious
Im addicted now
CARAMEELL loverrr, I call you all

But DailyBeauty89 not complete without make up or fashion right?

Lets take a look my #OOTD
Honestly Im already use this jaket several times after I bought it
Love it how basic and can chic at the same time
I got it from
You can find them at
Ciputra World Surabaya

And my shoes

Lets come closer for appreciate them
How freaking love it
When first I saw it, I know I will get it
But my mom do not allow me to bought it
Cause I have so many shoes already
But last week, charles n keith have end of season promo
This SHOES 70% off, from IDR to after discount
How I'm not get it?????
Im happy that I get my fav shoes with reasonable price now

So thats it GIRLS,
hope you like my grumble post
And lets me Thanks him who take me there and 
take my beautiful photos

See you