Review: Clio Lipnicure in Tension Red

Hi beautiful, 

Another RED lippy. Lately, I'm really into RED, I don't know why.
Everything about BOLD color catch my eyes.

Clio? Clio is one of the Korean drugstore brand. Like Etude House, Holika, Innisfree, etc. The target market of Clio is different than Etude house.

Etude house mostly targeted towards teenager around 13-17++ y.o. On the other hand, Clio was targeted towards more mature woman around 20-25++.
The differences was very clear from the ad campaigns to their packaging.
Etude house like to have young aegyo girl band or boy band, but Clio last time endorse by Lee Hyori and especially for LipNicure it's endorse by Sandara Park from 2ne1.

We often see cute packaging from Korean make up, but Clio was kindda different. 
The Packaging of Clio are simple and sleek. The Quality of product was amazing.I got Lipnicure from  the Clio deal. The idea behind the Lipnicure was Nail Polish idea. Like Manicure for Nail, but this is for your lips. It's claim to be long lasting like you manicure.  Lets take a look...
  • Colors: They have 8 color choices, I choose Tension Red. All of them has beautiful color.. 
  • Texture: Creamy with matte finish. Its quite difficult to apply cause they dry very fast. After it dry it's so difficult to clean up. But this product more like a RImmel Showoff/Apocalip with Matte Finish. So I can call this Liquid Lipstick with MATTE finish.
  • Apply:
    • + It's nice to have liquid form of matte lipstick. but don't forget to apply lip balm first if you having dry lips like me.
    • + It's quite moisturizing on my lips. It's doesn't dry up my lips. 
    • + It's have a super staying power. No rub off after eating and drinks. No transfer, even when I press my hand to my lips. 
    •  - So difficult to clean up. I try to fix the edges and it's ruin my face make up. To have a clean lips, I'm nearly spend 30 minute for it to be clean.
  • Packaging:
    • + have a good weight and very sleek.
    • - nothing..
  • Overall: Recommended if you search for Lipstick with Matte FInish and great staying power. 
  •  Real Product :

 Size comparison with Urban Decay Lipstick

Has slightly curve at the dovefoot applicator

first:It's become matte after few minute.
second: when you first apply it

Selfie time ^^

and as usual
Bonus CRAZY of ME

Hope you guys enjoy & Please feel free to ask question!It's so easy just type on comment down bellow. :D

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  1. beli dmana kakk? ibukku kmrn nyari lipstick merah yg matte.. aku juga nyari seh wkwkwk ><

  2. @Nedita Farah Alow ned.. itu aku import lgsg dr korea. Kalau mau nitip nanti tgl 15 April aku ad order lg.. ^^

  3. Ih baguss warnanyaaa.. mattenya juga bikin ngilerrrrr