Step by Step: Shop at Luxola (english ver.)

Hi Beautiful,

Recently, I bought few stuff from Luxola. If you guys doesn't know about Luxola, Let's me give you some brief explanation for you guys.

Luxola was an online makeup store that deliver product directly to you home. Luxola was first started in Singapore and now Luxola also branching out in Indonesia. Luxola. com delivered 100+ of make up brands. Their quality was top notch and no doubt for their authenticity.

I love how Luxola delivered a lot of high quality skincare, like skinceutical, alpha H, Sk-II and many more. Not only they delivered skincare product, but also make up tools such as Sigma brush, beauty blender, fake eyelashes and many more. Another thing I love about Luxola was their free shipping with minimum purchased of 315.000 Rupiah.

If we're a member of Luxola. We got a lot of benefit. One of them was they have a lot of discount in each moment or event. Such as, New York Fashion Week, Valentines Day, Chinese New Year and many more to come. We also got point after purchased.Those accumulated points can be used as a discount. Great right?

Luxola have a really easy interface to shop online. The information of the product was clear and informative. You will find the description of the product and instruction how you apply the product. If you doubt about your product you want to buy, consumer can read people review. How they react about the product they used. So, was very easy and save to shop on.

Step by Step: Shop at Luxola
Step 1: 
On your browser type : id
Step 2:
Register a new account or sign in ( if you have one before)

Step 3:
Start to browse your favorite product and buy. The product that you 'click' to buy will be saved on your basket before you're check out.

Step 4:
Click your basket and they are option of quantity of your product. You also can deleted the product that you don't want to buy.

Step 5:
Fill in the information for you shipping. Make sure you write it down right and clear.
Step 6:
Luxola have a lot of payment option, such as, Visa, MasterCard, Paypal, BCA klik play, and also via bank transfer.

Step 7:
Confirmation. This screen shot is the example of me after choosing the bank transfer. They will directly send the invoice to your email.

Step 8:
Luxola will email us again either our transfer was successful or not. If the transfer was a success, they will inform us our shipping and we can track our shipping.
  • To track down our shipping, just go to our account and track order/ shipping.  
  • From my experience, my order was shipped for 1 week. It came with a secure bubble envelope and all the product I received was save and in perfect condition. Not only that, I also got free Sleek single shadow. So, generous of . Thank you!

Hope this post was helpful to you, girls! Don't hesitate to shop at Luxola. It's convenient, save and easy to shop on. 
Any further question, please write down on comment bellow :) 

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