Review: Innisfree Soy Essence Mascara Remover

Hi Beautiful, 
I'm just coming home and want to clean my face. Then I realize, this a perfect time to do review on my current favorite eye make up remover. Eye make up remover is one of crucial product that I need to have. I tried few eye make up remover before, such as Lancome bifacil. It's very good product, but I can't bare the price of it. Last eye make up remover I used was the body shop cream make up remover and I think it's discontinued now. Too bad... 

Why I'm so concern about eye make up remover? it's all because I used waterproof eyeliner and Mascara. Those two product are pain to remove. Our eyes areas are very delicate and sensitive. It's important to have specific product for your eyes. Some product I used for removing make up at my eyes was not delicate and sting my eyes. When your eyes irritated, rinse it with clean water and stop using the product.

So, I need to stop typing about other things. I just bought this eye make up remover since I don't have any other similar product. I don't want to spend tons of money on high end product. So, I give this Korean brand a try. I notice innisfree product have a great review. So far, I love it. 

Product Review:
  • Ingredient: All written in Korean Hangul. I'm just notice, this eye make up remover have separated liquid. One part oil one part water. Similar to other eye make up remover out there. Doesn't contain any color (clear). Doesn't contain any fragrance, also.

  • Size: 100ml
  • Apply:
    • Shake well. 
    • Pour 5-6 drops on the cotton pad. 
    • Pad into your eye, hold for 10 second. 
    • Swipe the cotton pad gently on your eye.
    • Repeat until it's clean.
  • Packaging:
    • +Handy size to bring while you travel. 
    • + Plastic and secure cap. No need to afraid about spillage or leaking. 
  • Overall: Recommended. It's doing the job so well. Even with stubborn mascara.Not only that, this product also come with reasonable price. I wish they're come with different size of packaging.  
  • Real Demo:
Left: L'oreal Telescopic Shocking Extensions Mascara (waterproof) &MUFE aqua eyes in Black
Right: L'oreal Telescopic Shocking Extension Macara (waterproof), Lorac Front of the line liquid eyeliner & MUFE aqua eyes in Black. 
*Sorry for the clumsy hair and face makeup. 
Product I used for my eyes today. 
Left eyes: 1 coat of Mascara and black tight line. 
Right eyes: 2 coat of Mascara, Wing eyeliner, and black tight line. 

Demo: Removing left eyes make up 

 Demo: Removing Right eyes make up 

Thank for reading and Hope it's helpful. :D If u guys got any question, leave on comment bellow.


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  1. kayaknya bagus. pengen coba ah kalo eye makeup removerku habis.

    1. Iya jadi favorite eye makeup removerku sementara ini...murmer..:D